staroid-envs is a ConfigMap automatically created in each Project namespace.

kind: ConfigMap
apiVersion: v1
  name: staroid-envs             # Always 'staroid-envs'.
  namespace:                     # Project namespace name (e.g. crv-2-3-2-76-133-2-2)
  STAROID_PROJECT_BRANCH:        # Branch name of the launched project (e.g. master)
  STAROID_PROJECT_COMMIT_HASH:   # Commit hash of the launched project (e.g. 129c4f527b003ba7f8972a6asda99aa193094f9b8e)
  STAROID_PROJECT_NAME:          # Name of the launched project (e.g. staroids/demo)
  STAROID_SERVICE_DOMAIN:        # Domain name to access ingress (e.g.
  STAROID_USER_AUTH:             # Authentication provider of the user who launched the project (e.g. GITHUB)
  STAROID_USER_LOGIN:            # Login id of the user who launched the project
  STAROID_USER_NAME:             # User name who launched the project
  STAROID_INSTANCE_NAME          # Name of the instance

A project provided ‘staroid-env’ ConfigMap will be ignored on Launch. So it is safe to have ‘staroid-env’ ConfigMap in the project for the development environment if necessary.