Release a project

Staroid connects your source repositories. Each connected repositories will become a Project in Staroid. When a commit is pushed to a repository, Staroid will automatically build a corresponding project, create container images and release them. Once a project is released, users can search the project and launch it in a few clicks.

  1. Write staroid.yaml

  2. Connect a repository

  3. Select the branch

  4. Test drive

  5. Release it

  6. Get funded

Write staroid.yaml

Your project needs to tell Staroid how to build and deploy by creating staroid.yaml. Your project needs to be able to run on Star Kubernetes Engine (SKE).

Each project needs the following files.





Entry point to build, deploy, launch your project



To build container image

Optional, when using pre-built images from public registry

Kubernetes resource yaml files

Pod, Service, Deployment, etc



Put container image and Kubernetes resource yaml together


Connect a repository

Staroid supports Github to connect your projects. After sign in with your Github account, you can Connect repositories you want.

Staroid will ask you to install a Github app on selected repositories. The Github app will read information like repository events, source code, and membership. It only uses that information for building project and access control your Project for collaboration and does not change/write anything on the connected repositories.

Select the branch

Navigate to the project from the My Projects menu, click the “New Release” button in ‘Release’ tab and select a branch to release. The build will start automatically once a branch is selected.

Test drive

Once your commit is sucessfully built, you can see a ‘Test Drive’ button on successful build.

Click the ‘Test Drive’ button, launch your project and test if everything is working before the release.

Learn more about Test Drive.

Release it

Once everything is good, toggle your branch to ‘Production’ in the ‘Release’ tab. Github users, who have access to the project will able to launch the project.

Switch ‘StarStore’ toggle switch to ‘Public’ in the ‘Release’ tab, if you like to let all users in the world launch your project.

Get funded

When ‘StarStore’ is switched to ‘Public’, you can define Community rate and get funded when other users launch your project.

Please take a look StarRank to know how we fund developers. See ‘deploy.rate’ field in staroid.yaml to know how to configure community rate.